Remy Estera is a DJ from Bordeaux. He marked his presence on the musical scene by playing in various bars, nightclubs and after-nightclubs in places such as the I.Boat, the Respùblica, the BT59, the 115 New York, the Azulia, and so on. Knowing how to adapt his tracks to his audience, the young talent has already shared the stage with many international artists such as Dubfire, Technasia, Gayle San, Rodriguez Jr, Oxia, The Hacker, Johannes Heil, Jack de Marseille, Scan X, Marc Romboy, to name only a few, not to mention along side monthly residents, Elrow and Monegros.

His DJ sets are based on Deep, Acid-House and Dub Techno vibes. On the other hand, his more personal musical creations are more orientated towards Deep calm melodies. In March 2014, he signed « Solitude » with the label Prison Entertainment for an English Various Artists contract. Within that time period, he thought up a duet with his friend John Guimlass, with whom he created « Utld ». His first EP « Initiale » was signed in December 2015 with the Parisian label Pumpz Music with two remixes : one by Utld and the other by Orya Maïro (Mentary). P-Ben’s label, Groove Factory, contacted the duet to sign their first EP mid-2016, for a collaboration based around Techno-House orientated music.