Born in 1988, Valerio Vaudano starts becoming fascinated with everything that relates to sound and music at a very early age, exploring every aspect of music without genre distinction. At the age of 14 he starts to appreciate house music in its colors and numerous shapes, especially the recently-discovered underground side of it. Soon, he starts playing in small clubs of his city area. In the year 2006, his past experiences lead him to a much more electronic soul. His dj sets become broad representations of deep rhythm, with sonorities that tend to touch both warm deep house vibes and cold experimental sonorities such as minimal and techno. His impeccable technique and an always up to date musical selection lead him to more important gigs in the Northern part of Italy and Europe, accompanied by some of the top European Djs. Bolgia (Italy), Rolling Stone (Italy), Hollywood (Italy), Luna Rossa (Italy), Club Finca (Stuttgart-Germany), Astron Bar (Athens-Greece), EMC (Gothenburg-Sweden) are some of the clubs that witnessed Vaudano’s talent as a driving protagonist of some of the hottest nights in Italy and the rest of Europe.