Native of Le Havre, Sebastien Szade began very young his carreer as a DJ. Quickly, his talent drawn attention to him and he became the official DJ of several night clubs of the town. In order to lure a new public and to get in touch with new people, he decided to go and settle in Paris.

As soon as he arrived, he managed to play in famous parisian clubs « Queen », « Elysée Montmartre », « Madeleine Plazza » and many more renown places. You can now hear his music everywhere in the capital city. He’s done it.

Then, he found a job at the french radio « Radio FG » where he met the famous DJ, Didier Sinclair whom with Sebastien striked up a friendship. Didier Sinclair, french pioneer of electronic music, appreciated his work and gave him advice so as to develop his artistic abilities. Sebastien Szade left his job at the radio in order to focus on production. Later on, his remix of eDo you Speak » showed their friendship.

From now on, Sebastien Szade is DJ / Producer and has linked up with the talented DJ’s. The famous duet « Moss & Szade » sign of their stamp the melodic & powerful tracks « You’re Not Alone », « Once Upon a Time » (Dj Center Records) and lots of remix for Gat Decor, Roker Hifi etc…

Talented remixer, Sebastien Szade is currently multiplying his collaborations : FSOP Project or with the french Dj & Producer Eddine.B with a great succesfull (original tracks « Pyla’s Dune » / « Pyramid of Kheops » / remix for David Vendetta) etc …

Since he created his radio dj show « World Session », the subscriptions are growing and his show in France and abroad are the way to meet this new public.

In 2011 Sebastien joined the management of PUMPZ and participates in the development of it, 2012 is a year of reflection and Sebastien decided to give a priority to these solo projects,

Moreover, many remixes and productions will be out in 2013 which seems to be an important year.


SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Pyramid of Kheops (Uppermost Remix) » Ranked # 12 on Beatport’s Electro House Charts
F.S.O.P Project « Spherique »

SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Almaty  » – Pumpz
SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Aegaon  » – Pumpz
SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Pyla’s Dune (Rework 2011) » – Pumpz
SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Pyramid Of Kheops EP  » – Pumpz
SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Pyla’s Dune EP  » – Pumpz
FSOP PROJECT « Spherique Ep » – Pumpz
SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « French Delight  » –Emotive Record
CLEMENT FALCHIER & SEBASTIEN SZADE « Tribute Original Wave Mix » – Emotive Record
CLEMENT FALCHIER & SEBASTIEN SZADE « Tribute Tranquilou Mix » – Emotive Record
MOSS & SZADE FEAT AUDREY VALORZI « Once Upon A Time » – Dj Center Digital
MOSS & SZADE « I Dont Wanna Be » – Dj Center Digital
MOSS & SZADE « You’re Not Alone » – Dj Center Paradise Records

SEBASTIEN SZADE & EDDINE B « Aegaon  » ( Sebastien Szade remix) – Unrelease
LUKE TOLOSAN & TOM BUSTER « By America  » (Sebastien Szade Eddine B remix) – Luxury trax rex
DAVID VENDETTA feat Lucianna »Make Boyz Cry » (Sebastien Szade & Eddine B remix) – Dj Center rec
TOMEO WEST & YVAN EMERICK « Wake Up »( Sebastien Szade remix) – Twistmy Dj Records
MAVERICKZ « Follow Me » (Sebastien Szade & Eddine B remix) – BigBig Soundz
HARD ROCK SOFA « Live Today » (Sebastien Szade & Eddine B remix) – Pinkstar Rec / Edx Label
ANTOINE R & NONOMS LIGHT Feat Anna & Pei – Shine (Sebastien Szade remix)
ERIK HAKANSSON – Morning Light (Sebastien Szade 6 Am remix) – Emotive Record
NONOMS LIGHT & NOT « Kama » (Sebastien Szade & Eddine B remix) – L8 Nights
SWITCH – Get Ya Dub On 2008 (Moss & Szade remix)
DIDIER SINCLAIR – Do You Speak Music (Moss & Szade remix) – Serial records
EDDINE B – Elektro Rocking (Fsop Project remix) – Dj Center
ETHAN WOOD & STEPHAN EVANS – Destiny (Sebastien Szade remix) – Work Machine
GAT DECOR – Passion 2007 (Moss & Szade remix) – Sbs Production
ROCKER HIFI – Push Push (Moss & Szade remix)

MOONWAKER & NATY RICO Feat Collin Kurst – Face To Face (Sebastien Szade remix)
ALAN MASTER T – We Are In Love Sebastien (Szade remix) – Dj Center
TEO MOSS – Show Me The Way (Moss & Szade remix)
TEO MOSS & JEREMY REYES – E Samba (Fsop Project remix)